Dawson Builders can provide all your building and home services under one roof.  We are the single phone call you need to make for:
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  • design, 
  • home repair 
  • smart home solutions and 
  • property management.

At Dawson Builders, we pride ourselves on providing superior craftsmanship with state-of-the-art designs, and quality products, all at a competitive price.  You can be guaranteed that no matter how small or complex the project, our work will be completed in a timely manner to your upmost satisfaction.

Through our employees and quality-approved subcontractors, we offer....
Bathrooms, Basements, Carpentry, Cabinets, Concrete, Deck, Design, Drywall, Electrical, Gutters, Heating and Air Conditioning, Kitchens, Landscaping, Masonry, Mudrooms, Patios, Painting, Plumbing, Roofing Windows.

Smart Home and Property Management

Smart Home
What is the Smart Home? 
  • A smart home is a network of systems that communicate with each other and can be controlled remotely from a computer, laptop, pad, or smart phone. 
  • Imagine being out of town during a heavy rainstorm or blizzard. If you have smart home technology installed and there is water on the basement floor from a sump pump overflow or frozen pipes, the water sensors will send a signal to your smart phone alerting you to the situation. 
    • See photo of smart phone 'home screen' to the right. 
  • It is ideal for customers who travel south for the winter, or are away from home for extended periods of time.  
  • Or it is ideal for remotely watching your home or those in your home: elderly parents who are home alone, young children who are with caregivers, teenagers who arrive home from school to empty house, or pets who are home alone. 
  • "We are always looking for unique ways to service our customers in their homes. Providing a service that removes the worry when they are away from home for a day or winter season is an added value our customers want," says John Dawson.
  • We want our customers to know that while they are away, they can monitor or we can monitor their home. And more importantly, we can send someone out to the home if something is wrong,” says John. “We will call and let the customer know we are on it, and if necessary, that we are fixing the issue for them."

The following is a sample of Smart Home components or a typical configuration: 

  • A hub is connected to the existing home router, and communicates wirelessly with the devices set up on the smart home network. The hub becomes the home’s main operation center.
  • The hub can monitor other components such as: 
   - thermostat 
   - moisture meters 
   - light timers  
   - cameras 
   - door contacts
  • When the devices detect a leak or malfunction in the thermostat, the hub sends images and messages to the homeowner’s smart phone or computer.

  • If the homeowner chooses not to self-monitor their system, Dawson is available to assist him/her. 
  • Dawson will monitor the water leaks and the temperature; sending a response team to the home to assess any damage. 

Why use Dawson? 

  • The self monitoring systems are supposed to be easy to install.  However, from our experience...every system installation can be different, and potentially complicated based on the age your home. We can help you.
  • Dawson is a professional dealer and installer of the top Smart Home equipment, including Nest, Insteon, and others. If you order the components through Dawson, we can also apply our supplier discount for the hardware. 
  • Dawson is the only supplier who will also send a response team to your residence to troubleshoot the leak sensor and thermostat. We solve the problem for you while you are away from home so you can be confident we are monitoring your residence. 
  • The Smart Home is rapidly expanding from monitoring leak sensors to monitoring the key pad on garage doors and turning lights on/off remotely.  If you are a homeowner, it is the right time to start thinking about ways you can turn your house into a Smart Home.  
To learn more, send us an email at and one of the Smart Home team members will contact you directly.  

Property Management

Our goal with Property Management is to provide you with management services that equates to a successful operation of your residential or small commercial property, minimizing your time and expense. 

Our property management services include the following:
  • Determining appropriate rental rates
  • Handling monthly rent payments
  • Selecting the right tenants
  • Managing tenants
  • Manage vendor relationships
  • Manage multiple properties for you
  • Maximizing your time and money